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Yoga Flexibility on your time, Online

Pickleball Yogi


Not flexible? Totally ok! Super flexible? You lucky down dog!

Let’s face it, most pickleball players have been around the block a few times, played competitive sports for decades, and haven’t ever learned how to properly stretch or roll. Maybe you are noticing your body needs a little more TLC after playing three days in a row. Maybe a specific injury just isn’t going away after consistent play.  What should you do?

Stretch and Roll.

Now you don’t have to be a super flexible yogi to get started—especially with our modified stretches. By adding some easy stretches before, during, or after play, you can feel better and play better.

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How to Become a Pickleball Yogi 

 Absolutely, you can become a Pickleball Yogi too. It all starts by committing to stretch yourself, both body and mind.

What good is all the pickleball practice in the world if you cannot stay on the courts when the fun matters the most? If you’re like most players, you’ve experienced the strains and pains of a pulled muscle that’s occurred in the middle of a game.

When you become a Pickleball Yogi, you’ll warm up with mini yoga sessions, you’ll improve your flexibility and stamina through longer yoga sessions, and you’ll learn some tricks to improve your range of motion through the art of muscle rolling.



What We Offer

Stretching Library

The stretching library is FREE!  Join as a Yogi Fan and you’ll have access to stretches categorized by body part.  We have a catalog of basic poses (including pictures) with modifications shown for feet, ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, wrists, neck, head and more.

Mobilization Videos

Hate the idea of stretching and yoga?  This is the library for you.  For just $5.99/month you have access to videos utilizing fun tools, including balls, rollers, and bands, that will help you mobilize targeted areas of the body.  Think, self-massage and realignment to get you feeling better again.

Online Yoga Classes

Sanskrit-free yoga classes that you can do in the privacy of your own home.  For $10.99/month (less than the cost of one drop in yoga class) you will have unlimited access to the video library of 30-60 minute classes.  Ladies, have you tried to get your man to a beginner yoga class and he refuses?  This is the place to go!  And, the first class is FREE!

Stretching & Rolling Made Easy

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