Stretch for Success

Pickleball Yogi

You already know it, you need to stretch. It’s the key to being ready the moment you step on the courts and is essential for staying on the courts. Become a Pickleball Yogi and enhance your body and your game with the perfect complements of rolling and yoga.

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The Secret to Playing Better Pickleball

Why Pickleball Yogi

Because you never want to stop playing pickleball.
Because you love this wonderfully social game.
Because you never want to take a break due to injury.
Because you want to unlock better play through improved movement.
Because you want to get better on your time, not someone else’s.


Embody a Pickleball Yogi

Designed to be accessible and adaptable for every age and body type, as we don’t believe that personal improvement should be limited to the elite athlete or focused on the extreme. We developed our practice specifically for the Pickleball community, it’s about staying young at heart and feeling a little YOUNGER every day.

Stretching your Practice

How Your Body and Game Benefits

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We know, for many pickleball players, down dogs are what you think of when you think of yoga. Our focus is less about poses that will turn you upside down, and more about the aspects of yoga that will increase your flexibility, strength and concentration in the most friendly way possible.

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As young at heart as we all are, rolling is not to suggest that we are going to send you rolling like a log down your local hill. Rolling is all about applying pointed pressure and movement to free up stiffness that has settled around your muscles from years of sitting and waiting to find this wonderful game with a silly name.

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Mental Conditioning

Do other players tend to get in your head? Well, we’re guessing they’re not paying rent and it’s time to kick them out. With Pickleball Yogi, you’ll improve your focus on the task at hand. It’s through this form of mental weight-lifting that you’ll be able to increase your mental strength and add another skill to go with your sweet serve.

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One of the issues many people face is the lack of variety. Whether it’s playing the same bunch of bangers or going through the same warm-up or cool-down routine, if you don’t mix it up, then your game and your body stops improving. Subscribers can stop searching and start enjoying an ever changing mix of exercises to work your entire body and keep your mind and your game ready for the next competitor.

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Thank you for supporting Pickleball Yogi. We hope that you value our videos and can help support the creation of more great videos that you can check out anywhere you are, anytime you want!